An Organic Plantation

With the world today finally recognizing the seriousness of global warming, addressing its causes has become of utmost priority for governments worldwide. Pollution in its different forms is the primary cause for global warming and pollution of the soil and ground water due to the excessive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is one such form.

We at Planters Retreat have long recognized this fact and have been following green practices for over a decade. We are registered as a fully certified Organic Plantation by the certifying body INDOCERT.

Being an organic plantation requires the total ban on the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers within the plantation. The use of natural and biodegradable materials is widely practiced. Organic farming requires tweaking cultivation practices which have been implemented so as to conform to the requirements of the certifying body.

Going organic has had a tremendous impact on the flora and fauna within the plantation. Bird watchers will be enthralled at the variety of colourful birds that inhabit the plantation. The quality of the soil and ground water has greatly improved. Commercially, our edible produce has done extremely well with our cocoa and spices finding favour in export markets.

In all, we are truly proud to say that we are playing our part to ensure that we contribute positively to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

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